Carolina Bevad

Carolina Bevad
Carolina is a teacher, tutor and restaurant industry veteran. Her first restaurant job was making and buttering toast at a popular Jersey shore restaurant; she then went on to work at popular restaurants in New York City while earning her undergraduate and master's degrees in education from NYU. Carolina now lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, where she focuses on raising their three children, writing and finding the best restaurants.

Recent Posts

An Argument Against Sommeliers

Posted by Carolina Bevad on Nov 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Sommeliers stress me out.  Sure, navigating a multi-page wine list on your own is intimidating, but does someone looming over your shoulder...

Fall Menu: Drinking Your Apples

Posted by Carolina Bevad on Nov 1, 2018 9:00:00 AM

If you’ve studied American history (or recently seen Hamilton), you know the basics of the American Revolution - America vs. England; long, hard...

Why You Should Feed Your Staff Like They’re Family

Posted by Carolina Bevad on Oct 22, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Eating dinner as a family has been widely publicized, and scientifically proven, to have positive effects on children.  In addition to raising...

The Economics of Customer Service

Posted by Carolina Bevad on Oct 19, 2018 8:00:00 AM

The rain was torrential, and the wind was whipping.  The fringes of Hurricane Florence were pummeling the Jersey shore, yet, there was my family,...

Chefs Pitching in for Charity

Posted by Carolina Bevad on Oct 15, 2018 8:00:00 AM

A year has passed since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico.  The effects were calamitous - 100% power loss throughout the island, flooding, and...

What We Can Learn From Dunkin's Rebrand

Posted by Carolina Bevad on Oct 10, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Dunkin Donuts was founded in 1950; sixty-eight years later, a more health-conscious generation may not be flocking to an establishment known...

Reservations, a Reflection of Your Brand?

Posted by Carolina Bevad on Oct 3, 2018 8:00:00 AM

The Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine made a bold move last year.  Instead of taking reservations digitally, or even over the phone, they required...